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Wellfleet Oysters-Cape Cod, MA-

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Purchase now and pick-up-these oysters are unshucked.  Great for eating raw! Wellfleets measure a minimum of three inches in length, and are marked by a medium-high salinity and a bright, crisp finish.  There is a lot of great recipes out there to grill the oysters  if you're not up for shucking you can always cook on your grill for a couple of minutes to pop the shell, squeeze some lemon and taste the ocean! They range in size from 3''-3.5''.

Need help on Shucking Check out this video

Our Wellfleet oysters are grown out and harvested in and from the estuaries of Wellfleet Harbor, located in the Northeastern region of Cape Cod Bay. This specific area of the Cape provides an ideal setting for the oysters.

So why are the Wellfleet oysters so remarkable? Just like Olympia beer…It’s the water. The waters which flush through Cape Cod Bay are provided courtesy of the Gulf of Maine. This current originates in northern Maine and the Canadian Maritime Provinces, and runs in a counter-clockwise fashion, delivering an unwavering flow of nutrients throughout coastal northern New England. By the time these currents wash over the reaches of the inner Cape they are (by Gulf of Maine standards) relatively warm. The 12 foot tides of Cape Cod Bay play a great part in this. What this means is that where at high-tide there is 12 feet of water, at low tide there is naught. Twice a day, the tides recede over the protected shallows of the hard packed mud and sand flats of the Cape Cod Bay. During this Moondance, the sun’s rays beat down on the flats, warming them. In turn, the tidal influx is heated as it fills the estuaries. The phytoplankton rich Gulf of Maine waters (which have now been brought to the aforementioned level of relative warmth) provide the Wellfleet oysters everything they need to grow-out quite rapidly, and produce an oyster of exceptional consistency.

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