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Canton Provisions is your Fresh Seafood, Beef and Wine Store located for Pick-up at Bender's Tavern 137 Court Ave SW Canton, Ohio

Fresh Blonde Morels! 4oz or 1/2 lb.

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The season we have all been waiting for is upon us! You can purchase in 2 sizes: 4oz or 1/2 lb.

There is a lot great recipes out there-We like to keep it simple and let the mushrooms speak for themselves! We have cleaned and prepped them for easier cooking.

In a 12-inch skillet,  heat clarified butter,  add mushrooms that have been lightly dusted with flour and cook for 3 to 4 minutes depending on size on medium-high heat or until golden brown, gently stirring occasionally. Serve warm. 

Pro tip-: when using clarified butter or olive oil you risk imparting the flavor of olive oil or burning the butter.  Cook on high enough heat to cook quickly but not to hot to burn the butter/oil
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