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Block Island Swordfish 8oz (Thick Steak Cut)

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Block Island Swordfish season is here!  This full-flavored fish with a moist flesh is caught between July and November north of the Block Island line from Canada through Rhode Island. The swordfish feast on bluefish, herring and mackerel to beef up for the winter months after a spring swim up from the Gulf.  This diet gives the swordfish its extra flavor and moistness this time of year.  Foley Fish has been working with the Swordfish Boats/Captains for many years and secures some of the finest tasting Swordfish available.

For a simple and delicious preparation, marinate it lemon juice, white wine and soy sauce and then grill it.   Try this favorite recipe from Laura Foley Ramsden owner of Foley Fish– Native Swordfish with Tomato Salsa and Coulis

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