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Canton Provisions is your Fresh Seafood, Beef and Wine Store located for Pick-up at Bender's Tavern 137 Court Ave SW Canton, Ohio

6oz. Fresh Sea Scallops! Large Size-(sourced from Georges Banks))

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Fresh from the Georges Banks these Foley scallops caramelize perfectly in the pan for a stunning plate presentation.  These are 10-20 size scallops - The portion size is 6 oz. Typically there are 5-6 scallops per 6 oz portion

Georges Banks-The cold, nutrient-rich Labrador current sweeps over most of the submarine plateau, and meets the warmer Gulf stream on its eastern edge.

The mingling of the two currents, along with sunlight penetrating the shallow waters, creates an ideal environment for tiny sea creatures—phytoplankton (photosynthetic algae) and zooplankton (tiny free-floating creatures such as krill)—to flourish, attracting an entire ecosystem of marine animals.

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