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Canton Provisions is your Fresh Seafood, Beef and Wine Store located for Pick-up at Bender's Tavern 137 Court Ave SW Canton, Ohio

7 oz. Grey Sole filets -Plain or Ala Foley

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Plain or ala Foley

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Refined, sweet, and delicate, this pale beauty is caught in the Atlantic Ocean. Grey Sole's flesh is lean, firm and flaky. Great sauteed or baked when used to make crab stuffed flounder.  It is the "Creme de la creme" of the flounder fish!  This fish is very delicate and requires gentle care when you pan saute. You can order plain or ala foley (1.50 extra)!  If you order ala Foley we recommend 450 degree oven baked for 7-10 minutes depending on how you put it on the sheet tray.  TIP: If you lay flat out it will only take 7+ minutes, if you fold together to promote even cooking it could take 10+ minutes.

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