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Holiday Gift Pack Laconiko EVO-

Holiday Gift Pack Laconiko EVO-

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Laconiko Extra Virgin Olive Oil

White Balsamic Vinegar

Dillemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil


This set includes one of Laconiko’s most awarded extra virgin olive oils in the world! Laconiko Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an excellent healthy oil for everyday use!
A medium intensity extra virgin olive oil, with extremely low acidity and very high polyphenol(antioxidant) count.


Also included: Gold Label White Balsamic. The Gold White Label Balsamic is the result of carefully blending cooked white Trebbiano grape must and delicate fine white wine vinegar which are then aged for several years by closely following the principals of Modena traditions. Delicate, balanced and refreshing yet mature and surprisingly sweet.


The Dillemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil uses the highest quality oils made from whole fruits/herbs which are cold crushed at their peak and extracted using a centrifuge, the same process used to make olive oil, before cold fusing/blending them with Laconiko’s awarded extra virgin olive oil.